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We Do Services. 

We are not just pushing chemicals. We are also a service provider, and more importantly, a partner in your development and troubleshooting process. Take a look into some of our services below.



Challenge tests

Preservatives and multifunctionals are not valuable unless you know that they work in your formulation. We know how important challenge testing is in your work, but also that it is a tedious task to manage different test labs, methods and reports. 

CosTech works with a German independent test lab to offer our customers challenge testing. This means you should only send your samples one place, followed by very simple and few informations. We will evaluate the feasibility of you preservative solution and give you feedback if something seems "off" before starting the test, and we handle the testing for you - you only have to look forward to the result. 



SPF in vitro

In CosTech we are proud to say that we have come to know a lot about sun filters, and supply a broad variety og both physical and chemical filters.


In order to assist you in our formulation of SPF products, our suppliers offer to in-vitro test your formulations. 

We know it is important for you to have an indication of in vitro SPF, before sending samples in expensive in-vivo testing. 



Lab assistance

CosTech has a small but well functioning application lab. Here we assist our customers with troubleshooting, we make formula suggestions, and we learn to work with our raw materials. 

We have even shot a short movie of a carbomer swelling in the lab, and put it on youtube. Its a lot easier than to explain on the phone!



Documentation support

We are operating in the lands of labeling :) CosTech are actively updating ourselves on rules and regulations, as well as both local and global consumer labeling.


We are therefore happy to assist with both your standard documentation needs, and experienced in accommodating the more special data and information requests!

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